Sticky FACTS - Ghent/Belgien - (20.-21.10.2012)

    FACTS - Ghent/Belgien - (20.-21.10.2012)

    Datum: 20. - 21. Oktober 2012
    Ort: Flanders Expo, Maaltekouter 1, 9051 Ghent, Belgium

    Angekündigte Stargäste (Stand 16.10.2012):

    • Janina Gavankar
      True Blood, The L Word, Stargate Atlantis

    • James Cosmo
      Game of thrones

    • Paul Blake
      SW: Greedo

    • Dermot Crowley
      SW: Modine

    • Lauren Cohan
      The walking dead

    • Charles Dance
      Alien, Game of Thrones

    • James Callis
      BSG: Gaius Baltar

    • Norman Reedus
      The Walking Dead

    • Sean Patrick Flanery
      The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

    • Teryl Rothery
      Stargate SG-1

    • Ian Whyte
      Alien vs. Predator

    + viele Comic Artists

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    The normal ticket costs 12 Euro for one day.
    The ticket for cosplayers costs 10 Euro for one day.
    The limited early bird ticket costs 20 Euro for access at 9 o’clock on saturday october 20th.

    The tickets can be bought online or onsite. With tickets bought online, you can immediately go to the entrance and get in.
    Tickets bought online before the show are also cheaper :
    The normal ticket bought online costs 10 Euro for one day.
    The ticket for cosplayers bought online costs 8 Euro for one day.