Sticky Official Star Trek Convention - SF, Ca - (28.-29.07.2012)

    Official Star Trek Convention - SF, Ca - (28.-29.07.2012)

    Datum: 16.-18. November 2012
    Ort: Westin St. Francis Hotel

    Angekündigte Stargäste (Stand 15.08.2012):

    • George Takei
      TOS: Sulu

    • Walter Koenig
      ST TOS: Chekov

    • Jonathan Frakes
      ST TNG: Riker

    • Brent Spiner
      ST TNG: Data

    • LeVar Burton
      ST TNG: Geordi LaForge

    • Michael Dorn
      ST TNG: Worf

    • Hallie Todd
      ST TNG: Lal

    • Marc Alaimo
      ST DS9: Gul Dukat

    • Jeffrey Combs
      ST DS9: Weyoun

    • Bobby Clark

    • David Gerrold
      Author of over 50 books, several hundred articles and columns, and over a dozen television episodes

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    Gold: $300
    Preferred: $189
    General: $69