LFCC 2011 Smalltalk

      LFCC 2011 Smalltalk

      Ich mach hier mal ´nen neuen Thread auf, damit es übersichtlicher wird.

      Und fange direkt mal mit ´ner Liste an, die Jason drüben gepostet hat.

      now lets get on with 2011's event

      and i think we need a few changes to make the event work even better fix the odd thing that was over worked on the day ,
      now to go to the next stage and take it on the road to an event more amazing weekend for all of you

      1 Bigger hall , so on the Sat we can all move around more

      2 photo ops to start from 10 am so we can get more in and also run them longer so we do not sell out to early

      3 Bigger talk zones

      4 open till later on the Saturday

      5 weekend pass for all days

      6 more time for the auction and a list up on the site before the event and at the event

      7 more people to run the credit card and photo ops sales to make them work better and faster for you all

      8 more fun activities like quiz's on the day and games to play while you are at the event

      9 a Saturday night party

      10 friday night preview opening

      11 more sports guests to attend

      12 more free giveaways for you the fans

      13 music guests

      14 better signage out side the event

      15 days of the guest and prices to go up sooner so you can plan your trip

      16 lots more really fun things that we have planed but we just cannot tell you about like this year with the DC Display and the Batmobile

      Da greife ich doch direkt mal Punkt 13 auf: Find ich verdammt gut, wenn´s denn die Richtigen sind. ;)
      Und zu Punkt 9: Yeah, Partytime!!!
      kann´s kaum erwarten :hüpf:
      Aus dem Forum:

      Gold pass for 2011 Price £175 same as this years price

      but if you buy a gold pass for any Showmasters event in 2011 before Jan 1st you will get 10% off the ticket price making your gold pass £157.50 but this is only till Jan 1st and this covers LFCC, CML/EMS , CMMK, & CMG

      THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL GET FOR 2011 with your gold pass

      Permission to join the back of any queue with out any VQ ticket needed

      Entry to the show first before any of the public are let in (you will be let in first though the doors)

      A nice bag to keep your autographs safe over the weekend

      Access to a dedicated Gold pass room somewhere you can sit down chill , look out your items you want to get signed or just have a rest , this will be a small room to seat around 25 people at one time

      1st through the line at the photo ops

      Seating at the front of all free talks

      free tickets for all paid for talks with Seating at the front generally worth around £15 to £30 at the event

      X 4 autos from your choice TV/Film category listed below worth £40 to £60

      US TV/FILM

      plus x 7 autos of our choice from previous guests worth a value of £70 to £105
      Mmmmh, für Freitag Abend wurde folgendes angekündigt:

      Massive Horror guest to be announced on friday 7 pm

      we are very pleased with this great guest and we think you will be too, if you love your Horror you will love this .

      this is someone new to us and has never been to a con or signing show in europe

      they will be taking part in photo ops , a talk, and signing autographs over the weekend
      kann´s kaum erwarten :hüpf:
      Klammern wir uns einfach mal an Jasons P.S. ;)

      [quoten=Jason auf dem Showmasters Forum]we have LOTS more to come for all the shows for next year so keep an eye out for some realy amazing guests for 2011.

      this year has been a great year to net work with some of the guests we have had at some of our events and its so paid of and if all go's the way it looks like its going you will all have the chance to meet soma really amazing guests we are so excited for 2011 we fell it could be our best year running these events we shall see ?

      so watch this space and we keep adding new guest to our other events so cheque there threads out too.

      thank you for coming to our events and we hope to entertain you all next year

      have a great Christmas and we plan to keep putting up new guests over the holidays too


      from all at Showmasters Massive Events, 10th plant and Autographiica [/quoten]
      Warning: Fangirl Alert!
      Likely to squee at high frequencies!

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      [quoten=Stargazer]Die "Super-Horror" Gäste sind:

      Shawnee Smith
      Amanda Young in Saw 123,The Grudge 3 as Dr. Sullivan


      CLive Barker
      Hellraiser,Candyman,Nightbreed, Author, Director, Visual Artist

      Na ja.....


      wow, clive barker kommt nach europa. und dazu noch shawnee. morgen direkt mal auf arbeit checken, ob ich da urlaub bekommen würde. reizen würden mich die beiden schonmal sehr...
      What about the Entry ticket info ?
      Child Friday Entry -
      Friday 27th July 2018
      Gains admission for one child (Aged 4 - 12) to London Film & Comic Con on Friday 27th July 2018 from 10am - 7pm. Under 4s gain admission for free. Adult tickets available separately. The doors will be opened for all Friday Entry ticket holders at 10am on Friday. Friday entry tickets will be pre-sold only unless sales influence a decision to make them available on the day. The
      film La Luna Sangre is too good. Admission to this event is by ticket only.
      buy ticket on eventbrite.co.uk