Sticky Collectormania - London - (27.-28.11.2010)

    Collectormania - London - (27.-28.11.2010)

    Datum: 27.-28. Nov. 2010
    Ort: Olympia 2

    Angekündigte Stargäste (Stand 27.11.2010):

    • Sean Maher
      Firefly: Simon Tam

    • Gigi Edgley
      Farscape: Chiana

    • Paul McGann
      Doctor Who, Alien 3

    • Alice Kriege
      ST TNG: Borg Queen

    • Adrian Paul
      Duncan MacLeod from Highlander

    • Sylvester McCoy
      Dr. Who

    • Matt Irvine and Mike Tucker
      BBC FX Book Signing

    • ]Noah Hathaway
      Never Ending Story: Atreyu

    • J.J Cohen
      Skinhead - Back to the future

    • Donald Fullilove
      Goldie Wilson - Back to the Future

    • Katy Manning
      Jo Grant in DR WHO, Jo Jones in Sarah Jane Adventures

    • Cary Elwes
      Westley in Princess Bride,Saw & Saw 3D Dr. Gordon,The X-Files

    • Lee Townsend
      Comic Gast

    • A.J. Buckley
      CSI: NY as Adam Ross (92 episodes, 2005-2010)

    • Joe Calzaghe
      Former World Boxing Champion

    • Tony Smart
      Star Wars/ Stund performer

    • Denis Lawson

    • Michael Biehn
      Aliens etc.

    • Jennifer Blanc
      Dark Angel

    • Martin Chivers
      Spurs Footballing legend

    • Lester Piggott
      Horse Racing Legend

    • Chuck Wagner

    • Scarlett Bryne
      HP: Pansy Parkinson

    • Jessie Cave
      HP: Lavender Brown

    • Carl Weathers
      Rocky: Apollo Creed

    • Belinda McClory
      The Matrix

    • Matt Doran
      The Matrix

    • Tom Wopat
      Dukes of Hazzard

    • Miko Hughes
      Pet Sematary, Spawn, Nightmare

    • Christine Elise
      Child's Play, Beverly Hills 90210

    • Christine Watkins

    • Marshall Bell
      Total Recall, Starship Troopers und andere

    • Laurence Estrin
      SW: Stormtrooper

    • Paul Goddard
      Farscape: Stark

    • David Franklin
      Farscape: Braca

    • Christopher Judge
      SG-1: Teal'C

    • Kenny Baker
      SW: R2D2

    • Carter Wong
      Big trouble in little china

    • Grant Hall
      SW ROTJ - Stormtrooper

    • Peter Allen
      SW Stormtrooper/Imperial Navy Trooper/Geezum/Rebel

    • Terry Sach

    • Paul Weston

    • Len Bond

    • Ken Coombs

    • Paul Markham

    • Wendy Allen

    • Gigi Edgley
      Farscape: Chiana

    • Armin Shimerman
      ST DS9: Quark

    • Philip Glenister
      Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes


    Sir STIRLING MOSS F1 racing legend

    RAY CLEMENCE Liverpool and Spurs Legend

    JIMMY WHITE Snooker player

    STEPHEN HENDRY MBE Former World Snooker Champion

    RODNEY MARSH Footballer - QPR, Manchester City

    DENNIS PRIESTLY Darts Legend

    ROY BENTLEY Footballer - Chelsea

    BOBBY TAMBLING Footballer - Chelsea

    KENNY SANSOM Arsenal and England Footballer

    LUTHER BLISSETT Footballer - Watford, England
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