autographtrade: complete relaunch *27.10.09*

      autographtrade: complete relaunch *27.10.09*

      - what is autographtrade?

      autographtrade is a privat page where you can find

      - informations about collecting autographs & signed items
      - links with sites where you can find more autograph-fans
      - informations about visiting conventions & signing events
      - buying & trading autenthic autographs
      - a community for can´t go services; that means if you can not attend an event, contact autographtrade an we will see how we can fix a deal

      - who is autographtrade?

      autographtrade is a private site without any commercial background; it´s from fans to fans; in fact the admin is know as „DJachmed“ and a longtime collector of autographs; by now there are 3 others helping out with ideas and getting autographs; contact autographtrade if you have questions

      - where is autographtrade?

      germany, but in fact we operate all over the world

      - what do you charge for your service?

      in fact contact autographtrade and we will fix a deal, because it is not possible to give you a fair price without knowing want you want to get signed, where you are from and so on…

      - what is your intention to build this page?

      autographtrade is not a commercial page, so we do not sell autographs on commercial bases like a shop; autographtrade is from fans for fans and here is our board where we can trade, sell, buy items from our hobby, so give us a call if you want to sell, buy, trade something from/for our page, or may you are interested in the can´t go services

      - coa: certificate of authenticity

      you can be sure that every item on this page is real

      the autograph(s) carries a lifetime money back guarantee if the signature(s) are ever determined to be fake or forged

      every single items come with an individual coa from autographtrade – a current list shows up every item sold by autographtrade, so if you see an autographtrade coa you can ask for the information about this coa – this way gives you an 100 % authentic of the item

      - contact

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      Yes, the relaunch is finished!

      It´s easy to see that the header now will be let you know wich show will be the next, that´s the main reason for this way of design... also important is that there will be only shown the last info to have only latest news at the first site! If you want to see older news, you have look in the archive!

      All sections are now updated - check out the sites!

      For 24 hours there will be a<strong> RELAUNCH DISCOUNT</strong> about 10% at the sell//trade//buy section, LMK if you are interested in something!

      The biggest new feature is the MONTHLY NEWSLTTER... the original idea of the "weekly update" was not successful - the informations about the can´t go service or even the shows were not up-to-date, so autographtrade will now deliever asap infos every day at the blog and lists the best infos at the beginning of each month, so watch out on the 1th of november for the first newsletter - beware, for the first month the newsletter will be launched at the blog in special communitys, may in the future there will be an e-mail newsletter...

      So, that´s for the first - now I´m working on the link-section adding more and more infos, let´s give some feedback... ; - )