Smalltalk zu Las Vegas 2010 (05. - 08.08.)

      Hier gibts noch zuwachs:

      Classic Star Trek's Janice Rand
      Grace, one of our all-time favorite guests, will tentatively be on hand throughout the weekend in the vendors room to meet fans & sign autographs. Her photo ops will be done Saturday.

      Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell of classic Trek's Where No Man Has Gone Before. Gary will be on hand throughout the weekend at his booth in the vendors room where fans can meet him and get his autograph for a nominal fee (purchase at this booth). On Thursday, Gary will be reunited with Sally Kellerman on stage to discuss their landmark filming of STAR TREK's classic second pilot 45 amazing years ago! He will also be doing photo ops including one with Sally on Thursday, tickets available below.

      STAR TREK’s Tommy Starnes (And the Children Shall Lead); STAR TREK’s Peter (Operation – Annihilate) Appearing Thursday, Craig will also be present in the vendors room all throughout the convention to meet fans and sign autographs.

      So das dürften dann wohl alle neuen sein.

      Mann ist die Webseite unübersichtlich geworden. Ich weis nicht wie oft ich drübergescrollt bin. Sie haben einen Schwung Gäste für den Autogramraum angekündigt:

      Lawrence Montaigne - Decius from "Balance of Terror", Stonn from "Amok Time" on TOS;

      Felix Silla - Talosian from TOS's "The Cage", Tweekie from Buck Rogers, Cousin Itt from The Addams Family;

      Barry Jenner - Admiral Ross from Deep Space Nine plus loads of other TV and film credits;

      Tanya Lemani - Kara from "The Wolf in the Fold" on TOS;

      Evan English - Ensign Tanner in loads of Enterprise episodes, as well as the Xindi Council Insectoid;

      Crystal Allen - D'Nesh in the Enterprise episode "Bound" plus lots of other TV and film credits;

      Richard Herd - Admiral Paris on Voyager, L'Kor on TNG, Seinfeld, V and lots more!;

      Don Marshall - Lt. Boma in "The Galileo Seven" on TOS, Land of the Giants and much more;

      William Wellman - Bajoran Security Guard, plus loads of credits spanning a fifty year career;

      Bobby Clark - The Gorn Captain from "Arena" on TOS, plus other TOS roles and loads of other TV credits;

      Natalija Nogulich - Admiral Alynna Nechayev on TNG and DS9 plus piles of other TV and film credits;

      Celeste Yarnall - Yeoman Martha Landon in "The Apple" on TOS plus many TV and film credits;

      Sean Kenney - The crippled Captain Pike from "The Menagerie", Lt. De Paul in "Arena" and "A Taste of Armageddon";

      Vince Deadrick, Sr. and Jr. - Stunt actors and coordinators, this father and son have worked on Star Trek from the 60's to the 00s!;

      Carel Struycken - Mr. Holm from TNG and Spectre from Voyager, The Giant from Twin Peaks, Lurch from The Addams Family films, etc.

      Neuer Gast:

      Writer of the classic STAR TREK series episode The Trouble with Tribbles, David continued his association of Star Trek with the development of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. He has written many episodes of popular genre television series. Gerrold's novelette The Martian Child won both Hugo and Nebula awards and was recently filmed as a major motion picture. David will be appearing on stage Friday, doing his workshop (described below) on Saturday