Gatecon 10 - Vancouver - (08.-11.07.2010)

      Gatecon 10 - Vancouver - (08.-11.07.2010)

      Datum: 08. - 11. Juli 2010
      Ort: Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver, Canada

      Angekündigte Stargäste (Stand 17.06.2010):

      • Gary Chalk
        SG-1: Colonel Chekov

      • John de Lancie
        ST VOY: Q

      • Musetta Vander
        Buffy, SG-1

      • Paul McGillion

      • Steve Bacic
        Stargate SG-1, Continuum: Camulus

      • Dan Payne
        SG-1, SG-A: Supersoldier, div. Wraith

      • Alex Zahara
        SG-1: Warrick

      • Martin Wood
        SG Continuum: Regisseur

      • Corin Nemec
        SG-1: Jonas Quinn

      • Dan Shea
        SG-1: Sergerant Siler

      • Cliff Simon
        SG-1: Ba'al

      • Erick Avari
        SG-1: Kasuf

      • Simon Ager
        SG-1: digital compositing artist

      • Erin Gray
        Buck Rogers

      • Andee Frizzell
        SG-A: Wraith Queen

      • Teryl Rothery
        SG-1: Dr. Frazer

      • JR Bourne
        SG-1: Martouf

      • Colin Cunningham
        SG-1: Major Davis

      • Doug Abrahams
        Ori Prior

      • Dylan Neal
        SG-A: Dave Sheppard

      • Bruce Woloshyn
        SG-A: Digital effects supervisor

      • Barry Campbell
        Stargate Continuum: Crewman On Sail

      • Jerry Rector

      • Sabine Bauer

      • Vanessa Angel
        SG-1: Anise/Freya


      • Tony Amendola
        SG-1: Bra'tac

      • David Nykl
        SG-A: Radek Zelenka

      • Lou Diamond Phillips
        SG-U. Colonel David Telford

      • Beau Bridges
        Stargate SG-1, General Landry

      Website zur Con

      Ticket Price: US$249

      Banquet: US$70
      Newsletter der Gatecon mit froher Kunde:
      Es wird im Jahr 2010 eine weitere Gatecon in Vancouver geben *scharr*

      Gatecon 2008 DVD's - Delay

      There have been some delays in getting the Richard Dean Andersons footage approved for inclusion in our Gatecon 2008 DVD's.

      At this stage we are hoping to have the footage approved and the DVD's ready for shipping by mid to late February.

      We apologise for the delay.

      Next Convention will be in 2010

      After careful consideration of the current financial markets, and a desire to spend time with our own families this summer, the owners of Gatecon would like to announce that GATECON 10 will be held back in Vancouver in the summer of 2010.

      We hope this will give everyone time to save up and come join the family for another fabulous event.

      Our thanks and good wishes to all of you! See you in Vangroovy!!

      damit hat das wunderschöne Vancouver gleich 3 schicke Veranstaltungen anzubieten wobei sich Gatecon & MTM nett miteinander verbinden ließen.

      leider stehen meine Urlaubspläne 2010 schon und die haben Prio :D
      *Legale Gelddruckmaschine für zuhause erfinden geht*
      Schlechte Nachrichten :(
      Fände ich schade denn die Veranstalter sind sehr symphatisch und machen einen tollen Job ohne viel Geschrei.

      Guest Update
      You may have noticed that the images for Lour Diamond Phillips and Beau Bridges have been removed from the Gatecon website. Unfortunately the ticket sales up to this point did not provide us enough income to cover the costs of two of our headliner guests.

      Because of our slow uptake in ticket sales, it means that our costs to run the convention are higher, due to targets required by the hotel.

      If ticket sales increase over the next month, we'll do everything in our power to bring them back. So if you know of anyone wanting to buy a ticket, but are holding off because of the strain that Christmas puts on everyone, let them know that now is the time to get their tickets. In reality, we are not far off our targets for the hotel, and once those targets are met that money can be funneled back into getting Beau and Lou back to Gatecon. And obviously, the more tickets we sell after that stage means we can also approach other headliners to appear at Gatecon