Chiller Theatre Hilton Parsippany New Jersey

      Chiller Theatre Hilton Parsippany New Jersey

      Chiller Theatre Hilton Parsippany New Jersey

      April 17 - April 19, 2009


      Hilton Parsippany
      One Hilton Court,
      Parsippany, New Jersey 07054


      Children age 12 and under FREE when accompanied by an adult.

      General Admission
      AT THE DOOR: General admission is $20 per day.
      ADVANCE: General admission is $15 per day, or $45 for all three days (VIP).

      Pre-Show Tickets
      Pre-show tickets give you access to the show one hour earlier than the general public on Friday night or Saturday morning.

      AT THE DOOR: These tickets cost $30 each (per day) at the show
      ADVANCE: $25 each (per day)

      Pre-Show & VIP Tickets
      AVAILABLE IN ADVANCE ONLY: Entry for the entire weekend plus ONE HOUR EARLY on Friday OR Saturday is $55.

      Pre-show both days, plus all day Sunday is $65.

      Und der erste große Schwung Gäste ist bekannt. Fängt diesmal nicht so an wie bei der letzten Show:

      John Amplas Martin Dawn of the Dead

      Danny Lloyd The Shining (1st Convention Appearance EVER!)

      Michael DeLuise 21 Jump St Seaquest

      Pamelyn Ferdin Peanuts Space Academy

      E.G. Daily Devils Rejects Pee Wee's Big Adventure

      Carel Struycken Addams Family Men in Black Star Trek TNG

      Pat Harrington Jr One Day At A Time The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

      Ken Olandt Super Force Leprechaum

      Jared Martin War Of The Worlds (TV show) Dallas

      Cynthia Myers Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

      Sasha Jenson Dazed & Confused Halloween IV

      Deon Richmond Hatchet Not Another Teen Movie The Cosby Show

      Rachel Grant Die Another Day Brotherhood Of Blood

      Tarah Paige Mortuary Stick It

      Kim Little War Of The Worlds 2: The Next Wave 666:The Child

      Bonnie-Jill Laflin Baywatch Hawaii Ally McBeal

      Joe Maggard Ronald McDonald American Gothic

      Sam Lerner Monster House The Secret Saturdays

      Suzanne Stokes Mortal Combat:Conquest Playboy

      Jonathan Tiersten Sleepaway Camp Return To Sleepaway Camp

      Jim Winburn Halloween The Fog

      Kane Hodder Hatchet Friday the 13th

      Ken Lerner Buffy Happy Days

      Debi Derryberry Voice of Jimmy Neutron

      Mo Mellady Voice Of Erin Esurance & The Gorillas

      Brad Kesten Voice Of Charlie Brown (83'-85')

      Bob Bergen Voice of Porky Pig & Luke Skywalker

      Al Snow former ECW/WWE Wrestler

      Cyndi Lynch "Bobcat" "Hardcore Ho" WWF Wrestler

      Dead Elvi THE Band!

      Und noch 10 weitere Gäste:

      Eric Roberts Star 80 The Dark Knight Heroes

      Luigi Cozzi Director Contamination Starcrash

      Al Cliver Zombie The Beyond

      Zach Galligan Gremlins I & II Waxwork I & II

      Michael Dorn Star Trek: TNG STrek: DS9

      Rene Auberjonois Star Trek: DS9 Boston Legal

      Ethan Phillips Star Trek Voyager

      Tom Towles House of 1000 Corpses Henry

      Dustin Warburton Author 'Strange Things'

      Nathan Gorman Illustrator Strange Things Hill House Horror

      Noch ein Schwung Gäste:

      George Romero 'Dead' trilogy Creepshow 2

      Amanda Plummer Pulp Fiction Needful Things

      Tom Atkins Lethal Weapon The Fog

      Charles Cyphers Escape from NY Halloween

      Eugene Clark Land of the Dead Night Heat

      Nancy Loomis Assault on Precinct 13 The Fog

      Lynn Lowry 'Kathy' The Crazies

      Bill Hinzman Night of the Living Dead

      Kyra Schon Night of the Living Dead

      Judith O'Dea Night of the Living Dead

      Charles Craig Night of the Living Dead

      Russ Streiner Night of the Living Dead

      John Russo Night of the Living Dead

      George Kosana Night of the Living Dead

      Tracy Scoggins Dante's Cove Dollman vs Demonic Toys

      Deana Demko Ironbound Vampire Requiem for a Vampire

      Mark Slaughter Lead Vocalist band Slaughter (1st Convention
      Appearance EVER!)

      Kaum kommt man ein paar Tage nicht ins Internet schon wieder ein Schwung neue Gäste:

      Jason London Dazed & Confused Carrie 2 Out Cold

      Richard Walters "The Miner" My Bloody Valentine 3-D

      Tom Noonan Monster Squad Manhunter Robocop 2

      James Duval Donnie Darko Independence Day

      Robert Rusler Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Weird Science

      Marshall Bell Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Total Recall

      Shavar Ross Friday the 13th V Different Strokes

      Miguel Nunez Jr Friday the 13th V Return of the Living Dead

      Jason Lively Night of the Creeps European Vacation Brainstorm

      Adam Weisman Rob Zombie's Halloween Bio-Dome

      J.C. Brandy Halloween 6 Days of Our Lives Star Trek:TNG

      Hier jetzt noch ein paar weitere interessante Gäste:

      Tony Curtis Some Like It Hot The Defiant Ones Houdini

      Tippi Hedren The Birds Marnie

      Dwayne Hickman Dobie Gillis Cat Ballou Dr.Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

      Luciana Carro Capt. 'Kat' Katraine Battlestar Gallactica Smallville - Everwood

      Ami Dolenz She's Out of Control Pumpkinhead II Witchboard 2

      Elizabeth Shephard Tomb of Ligeia Damien: Omen II The Avengers

      und weitere diverse musikalische Gäste